Food Standards Agency: Access to minutes

The Food Standards Agency – the government food safety watchdog, albeit with few teeth – announced it will make available agendas and papers for board meetings along with final copies of the minutes. They are available online here.

You can register for the next FSA board meeting by complete the Registration form. For other queries or to register for future Board meetings Email: [email protected]
Tel: 01772 767730 Fax: 01772 767555

You can also submit a question in advance of the question-and-answer session which takes place at the end of each meeting, though we can’t guarantee we can answer all of them.

I question the need for putting any obstacle (such as completing a registration form) in the way of public involvement. Why can’t I just show up to the meeting if I feel like it? I don’t imagine people are rushing to attend the FSA board meetings so why the need for registration? Also, why is the public forced to submit questions in advance? A better solution would be to set aside a time period for any arising queries from the public.

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