Guardian FOI package

The Guardian published an excellent series of articles today in readiness for implementation of the Freedom of Information Act this Saturday. It includes primers on using the UK and Scottish Acts and the new Environmental Information Regulations. Information Commissioner Richard Thomas also contributes a piece with a particularly welcome statement:

‘As the enforcer of this legislation, I expect the public sector to respond to this challenge. Whitehall departments, and more than 100,000 other public bodies that are affected by FoI, have had four years to prepare. I will not be able to be sympathetic to bodies that have not made good use of this time. Excuses such as lack of time or poor record management systems will not wash.’

At last, Whitehall declares opening time

What you can find out: Rob Evans on 10 kinds of information you now stand a much stronger chance of obtaining

Richard Thomas: ‘I expect the public sector to rise to this challenge’

Leader: Freedom of information

Ask, ask, and ask again … and be patient

Guide: public information

Whitehall FoI contacts

Guide: environmental information

Guide: Scottish information

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