Independent’s shredding repeat

The Independent has carbon copied the shredding investigation that Ben Fenton and I published in the Daily Telegraph Novermber 29, 2004. See the original story here. The Independent took their figures from a series of written questions asked by MP Julian Lewis rather than filing an Open Government request.

Hundreds of thousands of government documents are destroyed in the great Freedom of Information Act scandal
By Marie Woolf, Chief Political Correspondent
23 December 2004
Sweeping powers that promise to open up government are highly vulnerable
Fear of information stalks corridors of Whitehall
By Robert Hazell
Leader: Access to information is welcome, but the Government will still keep too many secrets

BBC News is also following up the story:
Whitehall ‘shredding more files’
BBC Political Correspondent James Hardy says in this story that the prospect of outsiders poking their noses into the inner workings of Whitehall appeared to be causing jitters among the mandarins.

From a series of parliamentary answers Dr Julian Lewis, the Conservative spokesman for the Cabinet Office, says he has discovered a huge acceleration in shredding.


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