Journalism sites

National Union of Journalists (NUJ) – One of the biggest and best-established journalists’ unions in the world with a whole list of resources for journalists online. The NUJ training site lists courses on offer.

The Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom is an independent voice for media reform. It works to promote policies for a diverse, democratic and accountable media and campaigns for: a media which is more accountable to the people it is meant to serve; the break-up of media concentration to promote greater media diversity; rights of citizens to redress for unfair coverage, and the rights of journalists to report freely.

Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) is a fantastic organisation that helps investigative journalists around the world. Their resource centre is particularly good and provides all kinds of tips from other journalists on how to go about investigating various topics.

The Newspaper Society represents and promotes the interests of Britain’s regional and local press, who between them own 1,301 daily and weekly, paid-for and free newspaper titles. Its services are split into three broad areas: lobbying, marketing and communications. It provides legal advice and lobbying services to regional newspaper publishers and their staff, and also to the national newspaper, magazine and distribution industries. A useful list of publications is available here and includes booklets on how to deal with reporting restrictions in the Crown and Magistrates’ courts. is a website for UK journalists and journalism students primarily focused on news and jobs in the regional press but with additional information on campaigning journalism and updates on breaking news.

The Working Reporter is another useful site, though it is more American based.

I wish we had something like The Poynter Institute in the UK, and if anyone is interested in working to make this happen please contact me. The Poynter Institute, based in St. Petersburg, Florida, is a school for journalists of all ages. Its purpose is to promote excellence and integrity in the media and in the practical leadership of media management while ensuring that journalism informs citizens and enlightens public discourse.

A guide to the American FOI and its use by journalists is available here from the Society of Professional Journalists. Almost all of the records listed (which are public in the USA) are still secret in the UK, though hopefully this will change once the FOI and other access laws are in place.