A way through the smokescreen

The Guardian
Thursday November 25, 2004

Large government IT projects are likely to feel the heat once the Freedom of Information Act comes into force next month. Michael Cross looks at the battle against secrecy
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This article addresses the government’s ongoing love-affair with secrecy and how in the area of IT

Heather Brooke, author of Your Right to Know, a new guide to extracting information from government, says the NHS can expect a rough ride. Apart from the Freedom of Information Act, citizens will also be armed with the new Environmental Information Regulations, which come into force at the same time. These regulations, designed to uncover the extent of environmental pollution, allow fewer exemptions than the Freedom of Information Act.

Anyone interested in better government should welcome the change, says Brooke. “The whole idea that secrecy leads to a candid flow of ideas has been proven to be untrue. It’s madness.”

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