PPP contracts made public

In response to my complaint to the Information Commissioner (as noted in earlier posts), Transport for London has now made public their PPP contracts. They have kept this pretty quiet as I’ve seen no media stories about it…yet!

I sat for a couple of hours with Walter Roux, the head of a new section at TfL called Knowledge Management. He explained how the performance indicators work and the pay structure. What you’ll find most extraordinary is how much money TfL pays out every six months: £200million. Then in 2010 it goes up to nearly £300 million.

The contracts are now accessible on the website – but only if you know where to look! The link to the contracts online is here.

The payment schedule is in Volume III, Schedule 4 p18.

I’ll be campaigning for more information like this to be made public so we can better hold our public services to account.

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  1. John Beaumont says:

    Readers should probably be made aware that the PPP contracts as displayed on TfL’s web-site are incomplete. Large sections have in fact been omitted while negotiations with the Infracos continue over what is and what is not commercially confidential. This is not mentioned on the web site which seems wrong.

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