Changes in food safety law

Guidance Notes on the Food Safety Act 1990 (Amendment) Regulations
2004 and the General Food Regulations 2004

Download the guidance here (pdf 20 kb)

New guidance published last week aims to make the food business more open and transparent. Some noteworthy points of the new guidance:

Article 18 (Traceability)
20. Under this Article, food businesses are required to:
· identify their suppliers of; food, food-producing animals and any other
substance for incorporation into food;
· identify the businesses to which they have supplied products; and
· maintain appropriate records and ensure that such information is made
available to competent authorities on demand (i.e. when asked for).
21. As a minimum, these records should include; – name and address of
customer or supplier, nature of products, and the date of transaction delivery.

It would be worth making some requests under the new Environmental Information Regulations 2004 to make sure this information gets into the public realm and is not confined to local councils or the Food Safety Agency.