Conduct of local officials

The Standards Board for England, the public body responsible for monitoring the behaviour of local government officials, has announced it will publish monthly reports of allegations and investigations into misconduct.

The Standards Board sets out standards of behaviour for elected, co-opted and independent members of local authorities such as metropolitan boroughs, city councils, parish and town councils, fire and police authorities and the Greater London Assembly.

You can find out:

  • Number of allegations received
  • Source of allegations
  • Allegations by type of authority
  • Percentage of allegations referred for investigation
  • Nature of allegations referred for investigation
  • Allegations referred for investigation by type of authority
  • Completed cases by final findings

Get the latest figures here.

In addition, you can search your area for summaries of completed investigations. Unfortunately, the Board only publishes the details of those cases it investigates; meaning the public remains ignorant of the bulk of complaints received. Also, details of cases passed to The Adjudication Panel for England and local standards committees for resolution do not appear until the hearing has been completed and that can be some time.

These are details that may be added in future. Meanwhile, the Board is heading in the right direction. It would be good to see councils follow the example fo the Board and publish online investigations from their own monitoring officers.

2 Responses to “Conduct of local officials”

  1. Can you advise me if a local goverment planning official, knowingly predates a letter of response ( presumably to disguise his tardines in response), refers to
    conversations the day after the letter was dated, refers to letters which do not exist and then turns down an minor
    ammendment to a previously granted application for reasons that are invalid (roadside view – when property is not next to the road, nor is the extension visible
    from the road) and does not advise us of the correct procedure to get the ammendment agreed.

    This relates to a minor planning permission ammendment placed with the Royal Windsor and Maidenhead Council.

    What is the correct legal definition of his deception and obstructive behaviour and what is the legal response that I can take?

  2. martyn wimshurst says:

    I never gave permission for this to be published.
    Equally there was never any response

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