England Farm Subsidies Online

The Excel spreadsheets showing the amount and distribution of farm subsidies in England are now available to download from the freedominfo.org website. You can read about the farm subsidies in earlier posts, including my article for the Independent.


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  1. Robert Miller says:

    Farm subsidies, qoutas,and tarrifs are bad for the world, they are disasterous for developing countries. The are bad for the planet as they ensure produce is grown where it shouldn’t be grown becasue the environment is wrong for it. For example growing tomatoes in England.

  2. john says:

    Subsidies are wrong in principle. I dont think anyone can disagree with that. I dont think many farmers would complain if they are slowly reduced to nothing over say ten years but that goes for the whole EU (If we did it alone farming would collapse and we would be forced to import everything). The price farmers sell at will go up as they still need to make a profit.

    Capping the subsidy is seriously dumb as most farms will split into smaller ones and the payout will be the same and cost more in admin. One of the main reasons for subsidies is to protect small farmers as they are uneconomic. so in reality the more you skew the subsidy towards small farms the less profitable farming will be on the whole and the more subsidies will be required. They will be penalising the better farmers and compounding the problems.

    Just keep it simple. currently farmers have to fill in 20 page forms listing their holdings field by field every year. this is checked and fed into a computer every year. Why dont they just have a box (have you changed your holding since last year?) Tick.
    Every farmer is asked what they produce. There are hundreds of thousands of farmers. If you instead asked the few hundred dealers what they bought. That would save hundreds of thousands of man hours per year.
    The powers that be are pointing their “savings strategy” in the wrong direction.

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