EU farm subsidies uncovered

The Guardian’s David Hencke and Rob Evans are showing the kind of information that can be wrestled from government under the new act.

Friday January 7, 2005
The Guardian

The Queen, Prince Charles, big landowners and the Co-op are to be obliged to declare millions of pounds of EU farm subsidies they receive every year in the most radical move taken by ministers since the Freedom of Information Act came into force on January 1.

The decision was announced within hours of the government receiving a request from the Guardian to disclose details of the £3.4bn annual subsidies.

The “open government” initiative is backed by two former ministers, a prominent Labour peer and British and European thinktanks.

It is understood that the Queen and Prince Charles qualify for the biggest payments because of their large land holdings farmed by tenants in the duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall.

Scotland’s largest claimant is believed to be the Duke of Buccleuch, said to be Britain’s largest private landowner.

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