Free PFI database

How much money is your local authority spending on Private Finance Initiative projects? A new database created by Partnerships UK is one of the best resources for PFI facts and figures. It brings together data on all 633 PFI and public-private partnership contracts signed in the UK.

The database is free to use and is fully searchable. You can either pick your area using a map or go to the ‘advanced search’ to find specific companies. Until the database, all the publicly available data on PFI projects was scattered and often difficult to find across government departments, local councils and various quangos. Search the database for listings of projects that have been signed, their capital value, which firms built and own the facilities, whether they are open, and who the advisers were.

Partnerships UK is the organisation that advises public sector bodies entering into PFI and PPP deals. Its stated mission is to bring greater transparency to a sector traditionally wreathed in a fog of confusion.

The database went live on March 10, and currently details are limited to the time the contracts were signed but as development continues it is expected to reflect changes in the market.

‘Everything you ever wanted to know about PFI’ in Public Finance magazine provides further useful tips.

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