HM Treasury disclosure log

The Treausry has published a disclosure log that details Freedom of Information disclosures made by HM Treasury since January 2005 where the material is new or of wider interest.

The log lists the requests made and the information released from HM Treasury but does not include identifying details of the requesters and it does not list all those requests that the Treasury refused to answer. Nonetheless, there is some good stuff here!

The site states, ‘Every effort is made to post disclosures on the website as soon after they are released as possible.’ To see the actual documents, follow the link above.

01/02/05 Appointment of Mervyn King as Governor of the Bank of England
01/02/05 Equitable life
01/02/05 ERDF and ESF expenditures / EU funds
01/02/05 Golden rule
01/02/05 Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC)
01/02/05 House price projections
01/02/05 PFI Jarvis
01/02/05 PFI rates of return
01/02/05 PFI table 19
01/02/05 Wanless Review
12/01/05 EU membership costs


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