Housing Associations

A few people have asked me if housing associations and registered social landlords (RSLs) are coverd by the Freedom of Information Act. The answer is no, these are not yet classed as public authorities, though they are prime candidates for designation by the Lord Chancellor.

You can, however, get information from The Housing Corporation, which is the regulator of all Registered Social Landlords – those housing associations that have registered with the Corporation to receive public funding.

RSLs take a variety of forms which include:

  • charities that are housing associations;
  • industrial and provident societies; and
  • not-for-profit companies.

The Corporation operates only in England. Information about social housing in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland is available on the following websites:

An updated statement is available to download below that takes account of the way the Housing Corporation and the Audit Commission’s joint work with housing associations has developed over the past two years.
Inspection, Regulation and Investment in Housing Associations