London FOI Forum & FOI contacts

London Connects is a useful site if you want to make FOI requests to one or more of the London boroughs. London Connects is funded by the London boroughs, Metropolitan Police, fire, Greater London Assembly and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and is a place for London public bodies to share best practice in e-government.

They also sponsor the London FOI Forum and this page is the publicly available section of the London FoI Forum extranet. The group has worked on a number of items including the text of an FoIA leaflet for staff. A couple of documents are available on the webpage including a suggested guidelines document that is intended to supplement the DCA’s Code of Practice Section IV: ‘Consultation with Third PartiesÂ’.

Comments can be sent to [email protected]. Nick says the forum is predominantly for local government, but members of the public can comment as well.

A list of London FOI email contact addresses:-

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  1. Tom Parnell says:

    The Harrow FOI contact is [email protected].

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