Media Roundup 20-27 June

27 June 2005
Guardian – Navy blocks release of documents on Belgrano sinking
Ministers have refused to release any Ministry of Defence documents relating to the sinking of the Argentine cruiser, the General Belgrano, the most controversial decision of the Falkands conflict 23 years ago.

Independent – The real power behind No 10
Nowhere are McKinsey’s connections more notable than at the heart of the British Government. Focus groups, think tanks and consultants have never been far from Tony Blair’s leadership. Yet the extent to which Downing Street relies on McKinsey has only recently been made clear – with the help of the Freedom of Information Act.

26 June 2005
Sunday Times – Tories cry foul on Howard secrecy files
Ministers have been accused of using the Freedom of Information Act to release dozens of confidential documents about Michael Howard, the Tory leader, while while suppressing information about themselves.

Sunday Times – We’re all going on a sozzled holiday…
It’s official: the Foreign Office says that when young Britons travel abroad they are not aiming to experience other cultures so much as to get drunk, have sex and even pick a fight…The previously unpublished research, which runs to 79 pages and cost the taxpayer more than £50,000, was released under the Freedom of Information Act. It shows that more than a third of Britons aged between 16 and 30 believe that holidays are purely about hedonism. Of those, 75% said they wanted to drink to excess, 28% wanted a one-night stand, 8% wanted to take drugs and 5% wanted a fight.

Guardian – Mandarins on the menu at the Straws’ cosy dinner
New details of people entertained by Jack Straw at his official homes reveal a dinner with the country’s most senior civil servants and his son William on the guest list.

24 June 2005
Guardian – Whitehall finding it hard to give up secrets
Ministers and Whitehall mandarins are failing to open up the government and release information promptly to the public as promised, according to an official report published yesterday.

eGov Monitor – Freedom of Information well established in Northern Ireland
Freedom of Information (FOI) is now well established in Northern Ireland with Government Departments completing 1,141 requests within the first quarter.

23 June 2005
Scotsman – Price of freedom is put at £20 an hour
The Scottish Parliament yesterday put a price on freedom: £20 an hour. That is what is costs for civil servants to investigate requests made to Holyrood under freedom of information legislation.

Scotsman – No 10 lets a very famous cat out of the bag
But, among the scores of fan letters, requests for photos and interviews contained in the 121-page dossier released under Freedom of Information legislation, there emerges a darker picture of his fortunes towards the end of his eight years in the service of the government.

Sunday Herald, Glasgow – Major safety flaws uncovered at Torness plant
… The NII report was released to the Green MSP and speaker on nuclear issues, Chris Ballance, in response to a request under the Freedom of Information Act.

21 June 2005
Glasgow Evening Times – I claim for four meals a day . . . even when there’s no council
… a detailed breakdown of his expenses obtained by the Evening Times under the Freedom of Information Act shows Mr Gray continued to lodge claims for meals and mileage when the council was in recess.

20 June 2005
Bucks Free Press – Nuclear waste was mooted for district
Secret documents released by the Government have revealed High Wycombe was a potential base to store radioactive waste.

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