Media Roundup to 7 January

Friday January 7, 2005
Drug firms will publish all trial data
The Guardian, Heather Tomlinson
The world’s major pharmaceutical companies promised yesterday to reveal all the clinical trial data on their drugs in response to suspicions that they have buried negative data and put patient safety at risk.
Chamber of secrets
Commentary by Llew Smith, Labour MP for Blaenau Gwent

Royal Papers May Be Exempt from Freedom of Information Act
The Scotsman, By Peter Archer
The Royal Household is not a public authority, as defined by the FOIA, and papers in the Royal Archives are not public records, as defined by the 1958 Public Records Act. The only public access to the Royals would be in papers that originate in the Royal Household and are held by bodies subject to the Public Records Act, for example the National Archives.

Unbuttoning Sir Humphrey
BBC News website, By Ollie Stone-Lee
What does the FOIA mean for the civil service and its supposed tradition of secrecy?

Thursday January 6, 2005
Second sight
The Guardian, Dave Birch
Email displosal and shredding

Wednesday 5 January 2005
Hmm…having just posted an entry about railway signals passed at danger, this article by Sunday Times reporter Magnue Linklater rung particularly true:
This is the hour of the clever nerd
Sunday Times, Magnus Linklater
The new Act opens a chamber of secrets, but only if journalists remember their old skills

Secrecy shrouds nuclear leak
New Scientist, Rob Edwards
Magazine issue 2402

1 January 2005
Only Cabinet can keep files secret
The Times, Richard Ford, Home Correspondent
The whole Cabinet will have to agree any proposal by a minister to bar the release of documents under freedom of information laws, the Lord Chancellor says.

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