National Land Use Database

The National Land Use Database provides information about two projects: Previously Developed Land (PDL) and Baseline. According to the website, PDL collects data on vacant and derelict sites and other previously developed land and buildings that may be available for redevelopment in England. Baseline aims to develop a comprehensive and up-to-date land use map.

I found the website a little hard to navigate but the main site data is found at

You can select a council from the drop-down menu and take a look at the derelict, vacant or previously developed land. This might be useful if you’re wondering about a building in your neighbourhood. The ‘summary’ gives actual addresses and general details about the land, while the ‘detail’ gives more information including the owner of the land (council or private), if the land has planning permission and what sort of development is suitable.

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  1. dave kebab says:

    Seems like the data has moved here

  2. knicholls says:

    Does anybody know whether this sort of information is being collected, or has been published, relating to the Welsh Assembly Government?

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