New Secret Squirrel items

I’ve added two new additions to the Secret Squirrel pages:

1. A request to the Department for Constitutional Affairs for their Statute Law Database.

2. A request to the House of Commons asking for the number of attacks on MPs’ staff. This followed up my earlier request for the names of MPs’ staff. One of the excuses given for not releasing the names of MPs’ staff was that such disclosure ‘may render them, and the Members for whom they work, vulnerable to attack.’ The Commons FOI officer also stated that the Register of Interests covering Members’ secretaries and research assistants has been withdrawn from the Parliamentary website due to ‘security concerns’.

One would hope that such drastic and undemocratic measures are underpinned with some kind of empirical evidence. Apparently not, as the answer to my request shows the number of attacks recorded on MPs staff is precisely ZERO.


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