Parents use FOIA to access school info

Parents are using the FOIA to gain access to information they feel has been kept secret by Northumberland County Council according to an article in the Hexham Courant on Friday 7 January.

The parents are fighting to gain access to information behind the council’s decision to radically reorganise education services in the area.

A lot of the school building costs look strange and we need to know why the figures for retaining three-tiers is £100 million more expensive than retaining the current system, as the costs suggest parent Joe Ronan told the Courant. The county has given a lot of figures but we do not know how they are arrived at.

In addition to cost breakdowns, the group is after draft reports on documentation supplied to independent evaluators, estimates for highway improvements at school sites, surplus places calculations, and details relating to catchment area models.

The council spokesman said the council had received the request and was in the process of preparing responses. It will be interest to see how this turns out.

See the full article here.

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