Politicians using FOI

Both the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties have begun to use the FOIA in the run-up to the general election. It is good to see this use, but it would also be good to see the parties issue statements about their actual committment to the public’s right to know. It is often noted that politicians in opposition are great lovers of FOI up until the time they gain power, then their support wanes.

The Welsh Conservatives have made a series of requests under the Freedom of Information Act in a move that follows the lead taken by their Whitehall counterparts. The Welsh party wants to see a total of 86 files, including letters from Labour MPs to First Minister Rhodri Morgan regarding the sacking Tuesday of Health Minister Jane Hutt.

Liberal Democrats are asking for documents submitted to the Lyons Inquiry into Local Government funding under the FOIA.

12 January 2005
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5 January 2005
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4 January 2005
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