Railway Signals Passed at Danger: Monthly reports

The Health and Safety Executive is at the vanguard of disclosing useful public information. This web page is an index of railway signals passed at danger reports undertaken by HM Railway Inspectorate. Further background information on SPADs is included in the first report in October 1999.

If you want to know more about railway safety such as the number of train fatalities, broken rails, child trespass, railway employees major injuries then view this HSE page.

One Response to “Railway Signals Passed at Danger: Monthly reports”

  1. To Whom It May Concern,
    As an ex. Locomotive Driver(11 years)and railway administrator I’m very interested in this
    aspect of rail operation. In my opinion SPAD is a area that needs much more attention. During my years as a driver
    doing a SPAD was by far the worst thing you could do, by far. During my time I passed two home sticks at danger by
    just a bogie length. No points or were split or run through, thank goodness. The Signalman always wanted to tell
    “Control” I had done a SPAD. My SPAD were the result of pure misjudgement of the brake, dispite me carrying out a
    running test on c/over etc. Long night shifts made me wonder sometimes about previous aspects. I’ve said to my
    fireman, “what was the last aspect we saw” particularly if the next stick was RED.
    Thank you,
    Russell Wallace.

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