Sunday Times EDS release

The Office of Government Commerce has issued a press release announcing what they have disclosed in response to a Sunday Times FOI request. I am checking to see when the Sunday Times made their request and whether this disclosure log was placed online before or after they were given the information.

The Sunday Times asked for the following information about the financial affairs of Electronic Data Systems Ltd, including:

  • reports or investigations of any kind by the Office for Government Commerce into the financial affairs of EDS, the information-technology company commissioned or prepared within the last two years.
  • reports or investigations of any kind into EDS commissioned by the Office for Government Commerce by any external firm or agency
  • correspondence between the Office for Government Commerce and any external firm or agency concerning any report or investigation into EDS
  • and may I please know the titles of any such reports, and see copies of them.

Disclosed Information

  • OGC commissioned two reports into Electronic Data Systems Ltd (EDS) from Deloitte;
  • These two reports were commissioned in 2002 and 2004. (Although the first of these reports was outside the two-year period that you stipulated, we confirm its existence in accordance with our duty to assist under the Act.);
  • These two reports were entitled “Ranger I” and “Ranger II”;
  • There was correspondence between OGC and Deloitte in respect of the Ranger Reports and this consisted of (a) an engagement letter and (b) discussion of the content of drafts of the Ranger Reports;
  • OGC also prepared two financial reports into EDS (the “Internal Reports”) in 2004, but OGC has not prepared any other financial reports regarding EDS either within or before the last two years.

The release goes on to say: ‘Other requested information has not been disclosed in accordance with exemptions under Freedom of Information Act’ but unhelpfully does not reveal the other requested items.


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