Whitehall refuses to come clean on IT projects

A great story in this week’s Computer Weekly shows Whitehall’s continued arrogance when it comes to public accountability. This is OUR government, spending OUR money, but refusing to tell us what it’s doing.

Whitehall says no to Freedom Act requests
by Tony Collins

Whitehall officials have refused requests under the Freedom of Information Act to publish the results of Gateway reviews on high-risk IT-related projects at the NHS, the Child Support Agency and on a national ID card scheme.

The refusal came despite two Parliamentary select committees, the Work and Pensions Committee and the Public Accounts Committee backing Computer Weekly’s campaign for Gateway reviews to be published.

Gateway reviews are six-stage independent assessments during the life of high-risk projects conducted by the Office of Government Commerce.

The OGC’s refusal leaves Parliament with no reliable means of receiving regular reports on the progress of risky IT-related schemes, which can cost billions of pounds.

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