Mobile Phone base station data to be published

The Information Commissioner has served a Decision Notice under the Environmental Information Regulations ordering Ofcom to provide all data on mobile phone base stations held within its Sitefinder database.

Cellular base stations receive and transmit signals to and from mobile phones. The Sitefinder database was set up in response to the Stewart Report. The report set out the findings of the Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones which was established to assess the state of research into possible health risks from mobile phones.

Ofcom did not present sufficient evidence to suggest there is a particular risk to the security of base stations, particularly in light of the information that is already available in the public domain. The Commissioner also determined that while database rights and copyright exist, that would not prevent Ofcom from disclosing the requested information.

Ofcom has 35 days to publish the material or appeal to the Tribunal. The Commissioner has yet to publish the full decision notice on his website.

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