Bendy Bus Accidents

I found this data kicking around in my office and thought there might be others who would find it interesting, so I’ve finally posted it online. These are the databases of all accidents reported to Transport for London on routes where Bendy Buses operate.

The documents detail accidents on bendy bus routes 12, 18, 25, 73, 149, 436, 453, 507, and 521. The data provided is split into these routes, on separate excel spreadsheets. It includes data from the time the routes became articulated up until the end of 2004.

Check out Secret Squirrel for all the data. This is a good reason why TfL needs a disclosure log. I’ve had this data since last summer, and effectively, I’m acting as TfL’s disclosure log by posting it on my website. But really, it’s TfL’s responsibility to get this information into the public domain, and it would make more sense for TfL to simply update new data to a publicly acessible online site rather than have to process the same FOI requests repeatedly.

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  1. Lynda M Lynch says:

    My mother was trapped between the doors last Saturday 14th October on the No:25 driver end
    door when he realised what he had doen he quickly reopended the doors without any warning to
    my mother causing her to fall face forward onto the pavement/road (bus was parked away from
    the kerb) for a 79 year old pensioner her injuries are horrific.

    How can TFL expect one person to drive 2 buses joined together and mann 3 doors, death trap
    waiting to happen

  2. Ray says:

    I totally agree with the comment here. These things are not buses more like trains and seemingly derailed with tyres! They cause total chaos in London and surrounding areas by blocking junctions and not being able to park sufficiently at bus stops, The drivers are mainly incompetent and cant handle such a large vehicle. Companies must also be losing money as its so easy to hop on and hop off free! Something that was not always possible with the traditional favourite the Routemaster with the conductor helping people on and off at stops. Now they have been removed from London and many have now ben either scrapped or sold I am not sure how the return will happen? I may ask Boris his intended idea! Now the bendy buses are here what do we do with them apart from the obvious to get the things off London roads? Lets ask Ken!!!

  3. kate atkisnon says:

    Please can you contact me, as I am doing a story on bendy buses

  4. Ray, Kent says:

    Hi Kate………..
    I am offering to contact you regarding bendy buses but you have’nt supplied contact details? Not sure how to stay confidential when supplying contact details. Perhaps you can suggest something. Take care…..

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Hi there,

    I am a student journalist and I have sent numerous FoI requests to TFL regarding Bendy Buses,
    I am now writing a featurea article about the dangers of these buses. Is anyone interested in
    talking to me about incidents they have had on bendy buses?

    Please contact me somehow, I can leave my e-mail address on here if needs be.

    Many Thanks

  6. Martin Routledge says:


    Do you have statistics on how many people fall down stairs on double deckers or have fallen off open rear platform buses?



  7. heather says:

    Hi Martin,

    I don’t. I’d suggest making an FOI for this information to Transport for London. They will be able to collect it from the bus companies – provided it’s recorded.

  8. Daniel says:

    I for one like bendy buses. They aint big things that smash into bridges… narrow stairs where people fall down old people have trouble getting up and fat people get wedged in between.

    Me coming from germany rampant with bendy buses and they are just fine there. Have had them for years and done get such problems. The doors have sensors to prevent the door from jamming on people. Just wave your hand and it opens etc. or press the “open” button. farely obvious stuff.

    Im sure some people are to dumb to understand how to use a bus. no wonder people use cars jeese.

  9. Fahad says:

    Daniel, that’s because you didn’t have the old Routemaster in Germany. Having said that, it’s worth mentioning that the bendy buses are going and Routemasters are coming back in the next few years.

  10. june says:

    please is there anyone out there, that used to live in chingford, i need to know what bus went from chingford station, i rememeber getting on a bendibus back in around 1980 to 85, please if you can help me please email me
    thank you

  11. Steve says:

    Why is it that almost every other major city in Europe runs bendy buses with no problems? What is it that some Londoners have against them?

    As someone who travels daily on the 207 and the 49 (bendy and not-bendy) I know that I much prefer the bendy bus. 3 sets of doors on the 207 mean passengers can get on and off more quickly than the 2 doors on the 49 (and much more quickly than a single doored Routemaster). People always seem to crowd round the doors – bendy buses have more doors so the crowding is less bad. It seems that lots of people don’t like climbing the stairs on a bus – well, there are no stairs on a bendy bus!

    There seems to be a belief that many people avoid paying on bendy buses but no-one ever has figures. Going back to Routemaster type buses means employing more than double the number of staff (2 staff per bus but more buses needed to carry the same number of passengers) – will there really be enough fair income to cover those costs or does it just mean higher fairs to provide a poorer bus service?

    In the days of the (incredibly uncomfortable) Routemaasters, I occasionally travelled without paying a fair – the conductor couldn’t get round the bus to collect all the fares. Buses now carry far more passengers than 10 years ago so I’d guess that even more people won’t be checked by the conductor and the lack of space on the bus will make it harder for inspectors to get on and check compared to the bendy buses (I’ve regularly seen 6 inspectors get on a bendy bus and just sweep through it)

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