Commissioner rules on BBC Governors' meeting

The Information Commissioner rejected my appeal for the minutes of the BBC Governors meeting which resulted in the resignation of Director General Greg Dyke. The Guardian covered the story.

Dyke files to remain under wraps

Chris Tryhorn
Friday February 17, 2006

Ms Brooke, who is working on a second edition of her book Your Right to Know, criticised the information commissioner’s decision.

“This decision upholds the archaic belief that you can only have good decision making in secrecy,” she said. “It has been proved time and again that it’s a fallacy.

“The best decisions are made in the open because the people who are making them know they will have to be accountable for them.

“The governors have to be willing as leaders to take responsibility for the decisions they make. Unless the minutes are made public, you can’t have any confidence they made a reasonable decision.”