Congestion Charge cameras operating 24/7

London’s congestion charge might end at 6:30pm but the cameras operate 24 hours a day. I discoverd this fact after making a series of freedom of information requests for the documentary ‘Suspect Nation’, which was broadcast last week on More4.

Transport for London has implemented the 24-hour surveillance without any public discussion or consultation. If the system has any merit, as TfL argues, then it should stand up to public scrutiny. We should have been told that the system was always operational and had a public discussion about whether this was an appropriate and effective way to spend public resources.

TfL’s exact words are:

“The cameras are operational 24 hours a day, except for periods of planned maintenance. However, they are only used for enforcement purposes during the congestion charging period.”

So what are they used for the rest of the time? Find out here.

  • Read TfL’s response to my request here.
  • A listing of all Congestion Charge camera locations
  • A partial disclosure log from TfL for all information released on congestion cameras under the FOIA.
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