Kicked into the long grass

The Press Gazette reports a story about a reporter who waited 18 months for the Home Office to respond positively to his request. While not quite the record the article states (many of us are still awaiting rulings from the Information Commissioner for appeals filed as long ago as March 2005), it nonetheless contains some interesting revelations, particularly some of the correspondence from the Home Office received by applicant Ben Leapman of the Sunday Telegraph:

“In July 2005, I received a misdirected email sent by one Prison Service official, Michael Achow, to another, Russell Yates, which read: “Russell, Looks like the game’s up. I suppose we could say that we sent it to him ages ago and he must have lost it. Michael.”

Needless to say no penalty was imposed on the Home Office for its disregard of the law.

Read the full story: ‘Record 18-month FoI request delay incenses Sunday Telegraph reporter’

One Response to “Kicked into the long grass”

  1. malcolm kirkaldie says:


    Indeed…there are a substantial amount of government departments and local Authorities who have failed – and continually fail to implement the FOI act as required.

    The tribunals should be financial penalising these miscreants even if us appellants donate it back to charity. This case shows clearly that there was deliberate and wilful obscufation which is unacceptable in this day and age.

    Most if not all government departments and local authorities apparently can disregard the EIR.


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