Directory of MPs’ staff

While politicians are wasting taxpayer money and wielding certificates to try and censor information which the public clearly have a right to know, it transpires that most of the names of MPs staff are already in the public domain. I have built a convenient Excel spreadsheet of the staff and research assistants working within Parliament on behalf of MPs.

There are two reasons why this information should be published. Firstly, these people are paid for with our money and we have a right to know who they are and what they are doing. Secondly, transparency ensures that the system is above board and not abused by MPs, for example, putting family members on the public payroll. The list also provides a useful insight into Parliament, revealing that David Cameron has 17 staff compared to Menzies Campbell’s 11, while most MPs get by on 2-4 staff.

Download the MP Staff database. (Excel 283kb) You will see a COUNT at the end of each MP’s record, which is the number of staff they sponsor who work in Parliament and whose salaries are paid for by the taxpayer. Constituency staff may not be included in this list. Figures are accurate as of 1 September 2006.

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  1. Matthew says:

    David Cameron has 17 staff, not 18 – your COUNT is including David Cairns’ one staff member. And of those 17, 8 are employed by the Conservative Party – I don’t know if that means they’re still paid by the taxpayer or not. The Leader of the Opposition gets an extra £595,999 (for this financial year) to run their office – “a separately identified sum specifically for the office of the Leader of the Opposition, in recognition of the constitutional role played by, and thus the specific demands on, the holder
    of that post”; David Cameron’s Staffing Allowance claim for 2004/05 was £73,882.

    Also, there are other things, such as Caroline Spelman’s research assistant’s salary being paid for by CARE:

    Some people can’t open Excel spreadsheets – if you want, I can stick this data up on TheyWorkForYou in HTML? 🙂 I can also add a monitor so that if the list changes, our list will update.

  2. heather says:

    Hi Matthew,
    I’ve been in touch with Francis at TheyWorkForYou about keeping this list updated. It is scraped from the Register Of Interests of Members’ Secretaries and Research Assistants so some staff may be funded in other ways. Unfortunately, because of the Speaker’s certificate blocking disclosure of those staff paid for from the public purse, this is all we have to to go on.

  3. Anon says:

    As a former parliamentary researcher I do not object to staff lists for MPs being made
    publicly available. Indeed the Register of Members’ Secretaries and Researchers Interests has been
    online for a number of years. (Although might be an idea to tighten up the registration
    threshold for journalists as these are considerably higher than those for researchers, £600
    opposed to £300 for researchers).
    I do object to salary details being made available unless the same rule is applied for all
    public servants and all private sector employees working on government contracts. I am
    pleased that, according to today’s Telegraph, the Commissioner would heave ruled in favour of
    the Speaker on the salaries issue.
    The working for an mp website does given information relating to pay bands for MPs staff (

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