Finding out about ASBOs

Is it possible to find out whether somebody has an ABSO? Particularly, which postcodes have ASBOs near them? This would make an excellent news story, and for enterprising reporters I offer this article from Kable’s Government Computing about the availability of ASBO info.


Dated: 3 October 2006

The Department for Constitutional Affairs (DCA) has launched a series of pilots for information sharing between the agencies involved in anti-social behaviour orders.

It said on 2 October 2006 that 11 county courts would take part in the year long pilots as part of the Respect Action Plan. These are at Birmingham, Bow, Bradford, Bristol, Central London, Hull, Lambeth, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester and Nottingham.

A spokesperson for the DCA told GC News the pilots would not demand the creation of any new IT system, but involve coordinators in each area pulling together the information from different sources.

“It’s the kind of position that’s already in place for magistrate’s courts, where so far most ASBOs have been granted,” the spokesperson said.

The pressure to extend the practice has been created by a growing use of county courts for applying for the imposition for ASBOs. This has usually revolved around housing services.

Constitutional affairs minister Harriet Harman said: “It is very important that the authorities deal decisively with anti-social behaviour so that people can get on with their daily lives peacefully.

“County courts are increasingly dealing with anti-social behaviour cases. Anti-social behaviour coordinators will ensure that the courts run smoothly and they anti-social behaviour laws are used effectively.”

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