FOI a ‘waste’ while propaganda budget soars

It was only last month that Charlie Falconer, the Minister in charge of freedom of information, claimed the law was a waste of taxpayers’ money and as such fees must be slapped on any member of the public foolish enough to ask questions of politicians.

Now we learn the true hypocrisy of this bogus argument. While the Government whines about the ‘waste’ of being accountable to those who fund it, there seems to be no problem with the exuberant ues of tax money for pumping out shameless political propoganda.

Spending on spin trebles under Blair
Daily Telegraph

Spending on Government spin has trebled under Labour and taxpayers are now supporting an army of more than 3,200 press officers.

When Labour came to power in 1997, just over 300 fully-fledged press officers were working in Whitehall, although that figure excluded a small number of other public relations staff.

The amount being spent on Government advertising, marketing and public relations has risen three-fold since Mr Blair entered No 10.

The Central Office of Information’s PR, advertising and marketing budget has soared from £111 million in 1997 to £322 million last year. Much of the money has been spent on advertising flagship policies, including tax credits and extra help for pensioners.

Maybe now that Cheeky Charlie has seen the error of his ways, we can look forward to the introduction of fees for all those wasteful political press releases.