Scotland to map noise

Kable’s Government Computing reports that the Scottish Executive is to produce maps showing environmental noise around major cities and transport networks. The maps will be produced in line with an EU Environmental Noise Directive that requires noise maps to be produced by June 2007. The Scottish maps will cover areas with over 250,000 people such as Glasgow and Edinburgh, along with airports, railways and trunk roads in Scotland. A second round of mapping will take place in 2012 that will include all areas with over 100,000 people.

The maps are likely to be in digital format and available through the Scottish Executive website and at public information points such as libraries.

I wonder what the copyright situation will be with these maps? Copyrighting public information is a uniquely European practice in relation to information created by public officials paid at public expense. I’ve blogged about this before and it is the subject of the Guardian‘s Free Our Data Campaign.

The Scottish maps will be produced at public expense by Hamilton and McGregor consortium. This will most likely mean that other citizen mapping groups are excluded from accessing the raw digital data.


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