Upcoming speaking events

I will be speaking at the Frontline Club on Tuesday, 21 November at 7.30pm. This Frontline Confidential discussion will see a panel discussing the Government’s proposed changes to the Freedom of Information Act and their effect on citizens and particularly journalists.

Joining me on the panel will be David Leigh, investigations editor of the Guardian and Maurice Frankel, director of the Campaign for Freedom of Information. Hot-off-the-press copies of the new edition of Your Right to Know will be on sale after the event.

Tickets are £5. Please RSVP to [email protected].

On Tuesday 28th November, I’ll be participating in an Open Knowledge Forum about open ‘civic’ information organised by the Open Knowledge Foundation in association with the UCL faculty of Computer Science (Ian Brown).

“Promoting open information – getting it, using it, sharing it” is the title of the forum and we will focus on open civic information. This is material produced by government or other groups, which helps empower citizens. In particular it includes:

1. The law- in the form of statutes or judicial decisions.
2. Statements of elected representatives at the local and national level (for example the records of parliament in the form of Hansard).
3. Information about the activities of elected representatives and other governmental officials.

The focus will be on projects and software that work to gather and make the data easily accessibly as well as the legal and social issues involved in obtaining and providing such information. The overriding goal is to promote greater public involvement in the democratic system and thus increase the accountability of government to its citizens.

Other speakers are:

  • John Sheridan, Head of e-Services at the Office of Public Sector Information
  • Julian Todd of http://www.publicwhip.org/ on “Other publicwhip-type projects I’d like to see and why”
  • Richard Pope talking about scraping a planning database in Brixton/Lambeth and Love Music Hate Racism’s use of PledgeBank

When: 1845 for 1900 start and

Where: UCL (London), Sir David Davies Lecture Theatre, Roberts Building G08

Attendance is free but please register at: