Decisions without democracy

A friend of mine, the global freedom of information guru David Banisar, has just released his report on government secrecy, decision-making and democracy. It’s a readable account of the growth of secrecy in the United States during the last six years.

The report shows the expansion of official secrecy in the United States and why this poses a threat to the basic democratic processes. There’s an American focus (because the study was funded by the American foundations), but official secrecy is far, far greater in the United Kingdom. However there is no funding available in the UK for such a survey.

See “Government Secrecy: Decisions without Democracy,” written by David Banisar, July 2007: (1.8 mb)

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  1. Your Right To Democracy

    Two local businessmen from Hitchin and Letchworth have launched A New National Political Party in the UK with no political agenda but to promote a System for True Democracy. Its reached number 1 on Google on on its first day. The System will give a direct say from the voters to its elected M.P. It also has on its website possible ideas and structures of how the UK and global financial problems can be possibly resolved plus others from its initial
    public responses to the system

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