Ten reasons why MPs’ expenses should be published in detail

1. In any business, employees must account to the boss for their expenses.

2. In a democracy, politicians work for us. WE are the boss. So why is it that MPs are refusing to account fully to us for how they’re spending OUR money.

3. London MPs are notorious for claiming the max and getting a second home at public expense. Not to mention those with grace and favour homes who also claim the max.

4. MPs claim such disclosure is unfair and an invasion of their privacy. What’s more unfair is that hardworking taxpayers are giving their money for these freebies and then being told to shove off when they ask for a full accounting.

5. If MPs have nothing to fear then they should have nothing to hide.

6. It’s one law for them and another for everyone else. I’m an occasional university lecturer and whenever I claim expenses I have to fully account for every claim providing receipts. MPs don’t even have to account for claims below £250.

7. It’s a matter of public trust. MPs should be working hard to prove they’re worthy of such trust. They should be setting an example to other public officials yet instead they have tried to exempt themselves entirely from the Freedom of Information Act.

8. No personal or political claims are allowed. But we can’t monitor this unless details are published.

9. The most efficient governments are also the most transparent.

10. Secrecy leads to time-wasting bureaucracy. In a fully transparent system you wouldn’t need bureaucratic regulators. The public watch the system.

2 Responses to “Ten reasons why MPs’ expenses should be published in detail”

  1. andy turner says:

    How can MP’s object to this, their reluctance to disclose makes it seem like they have something to hide. At a time when
    the public holds politicians in such low esteem, this only reinforces negative perceptions.

  2. heather says:

    Hi Andy,
    I totally agree. Why not write to your MP asking how such secrecy can be justified?

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