You couldn’t make it up

Well no sooner do I write about England’s draconian libel laws and the chilling effect they have on freedom of expression then I hear word that the solicitor for self-proclaimed childcare ‘expert’ Gina Ford has complained to the Times about my piece and they have now removed my article from their website while they deal with the complaint.

My view remains that the libel law favours rich litigious bullies. That’s my view on the law and I’ve said so on numerous occassions over the years. The reaction from Ms Ford and her solicitor does rather prove my point. There’s a lot more I would like to say about this but now I’m in the midst of being threatened myself with legal action, so I shall have to keep shtum until the Times’ lawyers sort things out.

Clearly another indication of why we need to reform the defamation law and introduce an equivalent to the First Amendment in this country.

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