A Commons lack of reasoning

The farce continues!

In their attempt to avoid disclosing details of MPs’ expense claims, the House of Commons Commission and Speaker Michael Martin took the last-minute decision on Tuesday (March 25th 2008) to appeal the Tribunal’s ruling to the High Court. When angry MPs yesterday tried to find out the exact nature of the appeal, Speaker Martin gagged them, claiming the matter was ‘sub-judice’ and could not be discussed. The plain fact is that the Speaker has the discretion to allow this discussion on the House floor, and I can only assume he tried to stifle MPs’ queries because he knows that the reasoning behind the High Court appeal will not stand up to legal (or even public) scrutiny.

He might have refused to disclose the details to MPs but as a party in the case he cannot refuse to serve the appeal notice on me. I received it this morning and so, in the spirit of public service, here it is:

House of Commons Notice of Appeal to High Court

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  1. Roy says:

    I have just “discovered” your website and am highly impressed by the excellent work you are doing. I shall be a regular visitor. Good luck in your present and future battles against officialdom and those who would deceive us.

  2. Thanks Heather for publishing that – really interesting.

    I haven’t read the judgement carefully, but why can’t the details of MPs expenses be published, without publishing their home addresses?

  3. Michael Kerley says:

    Now come on Francis, the members of the house of commons will put up as many smoke
    screens via as many ways possible in order to protect the wholsale spending spree’s that
    the members (all of them) have been up to over the past few years and for a lot of them
    longer, plus remember this is money from the public purse we are all victims of wholsale
    THEFT by these people.

    But never mind the old boy network will cover it all up as usual and it will be all swept
    under the carpet and we will be told to go away like the little people that they take us for
    and to stop bothering the members in their work of the utmost importance,
    thats the work they do in the members bar and the terrace cafeteria (such a hard life).

  4. AW Tanner says:

    I am an 80 year old war pensioner fraudulently handled by HMRC, I wrote to Rt.Hon. Des Browne MOD asking if he could get me on a House of Commons gravy train as I was in need of some legal expenses because I was due to face 2 barristers and 2 lawyers from HMRC and ICO. I write of my case (5 years) merely to show the extent of public sector fraudulence. To think untold thousands put our lives on the line only to be saddled with a musical chair quagmire of governmental inner squalor.

  5. Mike Law says:

    MPs must make public their home addresses at election time when they are standing as candidates; that doesn’t seem to have caused them any concern to-date, so why should having second homes made public information put them in such a spin?

  6. Ed Kelly says:

    I have been following this debate for a while now and find it nauseating that the Speaker has sought to fight this tooth and nail, it now emerges that he will use more taxpayers money to appeal the decision in the High Courts. This whole debacle has confirmed my belief that we have a morally bankrupt ‘leadership’ who treat the average citizen with contempt. Keep up the good work Heather, I think you have done a fantastic job and I for one will be ensuring I do all I can to promote this site and the issues you have highlighted.

  7. John L Bell says:

    Dear YRTK.org,
    Thanks for the appeal details. I contacted the department responsible by phone and was was given the impression that they
    would ‘probably’ not be released!! Next time I will use the format given at the back of Heather’s book!

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