Another FOI try for MPs’ staff names

In light of Gordon Brown’s announcement today that MPs’ expenses should be more transparent, I have re-submitted my original 2005 request seeking the names and salaries of MPs’ staff.

In my new request submitted to the House of Commons Commission today I wrote:

As you will be aware this is a repeat of my original request made 2 January 2005 which was blocked by the Speaker of the House Michael Martin who overruled the Information Commissioner’s decision to order disclosure of all names of MPs’ staff.

It should be crystal clear now why my request should have been answered in full back in 2005. It was not only in the public interest but the Parliamentary interest to release information through the legitimate mechanism of the Freedom of Information Act. Instead, as is typical with the outdated bureaucracy of Parliament, the Speaker preferred to allow rumour, gossip and innuendo to inform public debate. The recent scandal is the inevitable result of his commitment to secrecy.

The House of Commons now have 20 working days to answer my request.

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