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Despite the late hour of publication, the Tribunal decision was picked up by most of the main papers and I’ve been making the rounds across various TV news programmes. But lest you think I’m getting big-headed about the publicity, I discovered today while sharing the Green Room at BBC Breakfast with Steve Redgrave and ‘Sporting Giants’ that they’re booked onto four times as many shows as myself. Redgrave is publicising the first anniversary of an appeal to find young athletes to train for the 2012 Olympics. It’s a PR-driven operation and not really news in my book yet he managed to bag the prime 8.30am slot on the Today Show. Being neither a celebrity nor fluffy, I clearly have my work cut out to break into the mainstream!

MPs to be told they must come clean about allowances for second homes

Daily Mail
MPs WILL have to reveal expenses after campaigners win fight for ‘transparency’

Information tribunal rules that MPs should disclose details of expenses for second homes

Press Gazette
New expenses blow for MPs after landmark FoI victory

4 Responses to “Decision coverage”

  1. David Ellis says:

    Congratulations !

  2. Ben Bamber says:

    Absolutely outstanding!
    I’m ashamed to say I thought the establishment would find against us, but great news. I am now going to pursue my own MP further (Mr. Alistair Burt. Alistair employs his wife, salary unknown and Alistair refuses to enlighten us – but she has enjoyed a regular annual and/or Christmas bonus for the last five years.) His housing allowance is, unsurprisingly close to the maximum allowed…nothing you won’t have heard many times before I’m sure. I have been requesting details of his expenses, his wife’s salary and bonus levels etc for nearly a year now, and this has reinvigorated the whole campaign. As you so rightly say, honest MPs (unless that is an oxymoron) should welcome the decision as an opportunity to prove their probity.
    Look forward to hearing the latest news – any and all advice on how to continue to shine a light into the grubby, disingenuous world of MP’s expenses very welcome!

    Ben Bamber

  3. Aron Pilhofer says:

    Congrats indeed! Keep up the great work!

  4. Carl Watkin says:

    Excellent work Heather, its a shame the standards and privelages committee seem paralysed to do their job properly

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