Details of MPs' Additional Costs Allowance

Some details of MPs’ Additional Costs Allowance have been released to me and are available in spreadsheet form here.

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  1. n martindale says:

    Thanks for your good work in pursuing the MP’s side benefits.

    What questions have been raised about the taxation of all of these work benefits in kind. I am taxed on my company car allowances and on my rail travel season ticket all of which are needed for work and which are paid for by my employer as an addition to my salary.

    If the MPS are not taxed on their allowances, why not ?

    Indeed why do MPs need to OWN their London homes ? Whats wrong with renting them ?

    Why are any London constituency MPs getting second London homes bought for them ?

    Carry on the good work.

  2. Peter Hooper says:

    Great work you’re doing, keep it up.
    Could you explain why so few MP’s list any properties in Section 8: Land and Property of the MP’s Register of Interests? Is it that the rules for disclosure are easily evaded and are meaningless ?
    At the weekend ThisisLondon published photos of 3 houses Cameron owned – but not one entry in the Register. Infact of the expenses recently disclosed Brown, Cameron, Osborne, Hague, Prescott etc have no Section 8 entries.
    My MP Adam Afriyie, has two entries for House in Kent & Flat in London. But when I “googled” him found planning application which stated that a Grade 2 listed house (16 Great College Street) opposite the Houses of Parliament was “in the ownership of Adam Afriyie”. How can an MP own a house, but not declare it ? In this case I see this not a matter of expenses as he doesn’t claim any, simply of the disclosue rules.
    My interest is that when he was first selected as a candidate he stated he would move to Windsor, but as soon as elected he bought and moved into a central London house. My concern is that many MPs actually buy a constituency house as an electioneering ploy for their re-election, rather than a genuine necessity.

  3. John L Bell says:

    Is it possible to find out if taxpayers’ money (including mine!) is being used to do up these unregistered houses?
    Is this why it is so difficult to get individual expenses receipts from MPs? Isn’t it just possible that stuff bought for
    ‘second homes’with taxpayers’ money is spent elsewhere? …. or am I doing our ‘Honourable Members’ a disservice!?

  4. ross stewart says:

    I am very impressed with your factual information and would like to come and work with you on these figures

  5. Ruth Rees says:

    I note that a total of 142 MPs last year filed claims for the maximum possible ACA, and
    a further 46 claimed in excess of £23,000. My MP John Smith was one who claimed the
    max. two years running, and I wonder if it will now be possible to see where that money
    was spent?

  6. Martyn Brown says:

    Most interesting post.

    It’s nearly all over now, isn’t it?

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