Meet the redhead…

The Members’ Estimate Committee (aka Speaker Michael Martin) met last night and decided they would not appeal last Friday’s High Court ruling that MPs must disclose details of their second homes allowance. This means that I should be getting a whole load of receipts and claims no later than 4pm Friday (23 May 2008). Who wants to take bets that the info will arrive late even though the Commons’ authorities have had three years to get it together?

Good coverage of the High Court win. Here’s a sampling including my fave in Saturday’s Daily Mail:

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  1. Many congratulations. We all need to celebrate the victories that we, the little people, achieve against the might of the executive and the legislature.

    Would that the doctors could be as successful!

    Thank You

    The Jobbing Doctor

  2. S. Mogridge says:

    What a waste of time, perhaps if we started paying our MPs properly and trying to understand what they do and put up with maybe this would be reasonable. Perhaps we should also start to understand what all other so called public servants claim as expenses etc.

  3. ukliberty says:

    Does S Mogridge think MPs should be allowed to spend our money on whatever they wish, with no accountability? I’m sure one or two of them would love that but I doubt the rest of the nation would approve.

    Hopefully other public sector organisations properly account for expenses and expect their employees to submit receipts just as in the private sector. But if not, there is no reason not to start with MPs.

  4. Dave - Worcester says:

    Well done and 10/10 for sticking with this.

    Will you be posting a summary of findings on here, or will it only be going into the Sunday Times article?

  5. Dave - Worcester says:

    I just read the comment from S Moridge.

    MP’s pay should definately be reviewed – but by an independant body which is listened to.

    What other public servants claim is a related point, we should understand what they are allowed to claim and that such claims are subject to appropriate authorisation. BUT it is not directly relevant to the point in question. MP’s should lead by example, they are referred to as ‘right honourable’ and should be beyond reproach when it comes to spending public money, unfortunately there are too many examples of dodgy claims and transparancy is the only way forward.

  6. Craig says:

    Congratulations – a victory for the public over their elected politicians.

    I’m not sure who came up with this quote “politicians should fear the public [or electorate, depending on which paraphrase one prefers], not the other way around”.

    A more apposite quote however may be that of the late Gore Vidal who, in 1976, said “It’s not enough to win, the other party must lose”.

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