Politicians using FOI

Freedom of information not only enables scrutiny by the citizen, it also helps political figures keep an eye on one another. A couple of recent examples:

Andrew Lansley, the Shadow Health Secretary, recently used FOI requests to show that the government has not met its pledge to stop accommodating children on adult psychiatric wards. The Guardian covered this story if you want to read more:

City Councillor, Martin Mullaney, found that the wages of Trade Union officials at Birmingham City Council are costing council tax-payers over £1 million a year. He described the figures as “alarming”. You can read about it in the Birmingham Post. The costs, revealed through FOI, reveal bills of £1.4 million that are met by council tax payers. But with hidden costs added, including the value of office accommodation, phone calls and stationery, the total is likely to be far higher.

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