Sack the Speaker

Increasingly it appears that Speaker of the House Michael Martin is behind the House of Commons’ stubborn refusal to disclose details of MPs’ expenses.

The House of Commons Commission led by the Speaker has rejected all my FOI requests in which I sought a breakdown of not just staff names and salaries but also travel expenses and additional costs allowances. The Commons has spent thousands of pounds on internal and external lawyers to appeal decisions ordering disclosure made by the Information Commissioner and in one case they are even appealing a decision made by the Information Tribunal to the High Court. The Speaker also signed the certificate banning disclosure of staff names.

Is this really the best use of public money? Spending tax pounds to stop the public knowing how MPs spend public money?

There is an obvious conflict of interest when the person deciding on the disclosure of MPs’ expenses is himself receiving quite a substantial amount of this public money himself.

Clearly the system must change and if it does, this will be the first real victory for the Your Right to Know campaign.


2 Responses to “Sack the Speaker”

  1. Nemesis says:

    This is typical of whats wrong in politics today when Senior figures are upto their armpits in deceit and skullduggery.
    Are there no decent Politicians roaming Westminster or have they all been muscled out to make room in the trough.
    Power corrupts and so does Politics.

  2. g van den bergen says:

    if the westminster druggies cant get rid of the idiot them perhaps a nation wide petition would ..simple title ‘sack the speaker’

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