"Shield and Sword of the Party"

The Times reports on how the Home Office is determined to transform itself into the Ministry of State Security by snooping and recording every possible form of electronic communication you make:

Such a system worked so well in East Germany, of course – it ensured that pretty much anybody who fell foul of the authorities could have been found to have committed some criminal or subversive act, simply by trawling through the vast body of “evidence” gathered against them.

Which reminds me of an excellent quote I read the other day:

“I don’t know what is going on with the UK, it’s like they’re using 1984 as an installation guide.”

2 Responses to “"Shield and Sword of the Party"”

  1. Roger Pearse says:

    “Ministry of State Security”?! Surely you mean the “Ministry of Love”?

    You’re doing a great job. More please.

  2. Sally says:

    Orwell’s 1984s title was originally to be 2000, 1984 was used to commemorate the foudation of the Fabian
    societies 100th year.
    Orwell was an ex Fabian and i suspect had insider knowledge, his book i take as a warning to us all of what he knew
    was in the Fabians planning.
    Blair pre his election win was the Fabian chairman, his shiny new cabinet made up of mainly the young Fabians.
    We now have Brown another Fabian, infact the likes of Blunkett Prescott etc all Fabians!
    The power of Fabians-direct from the society, Brown cancelled his planned election in 2007.
    Infiltration into other parties has insured whatever party we vote in, Fabians will call all the shots.
    The backroom boys- civil servants that really pull the strings- again Fabians!
    Why we in the UK just accept whatever the media and Politicians decide to tell us, is the reason this cabal has been a success.

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