Subsidized lobbying

Whether or not it’s right for government agencies to spend taxpayer money to lobby MPs or provide them with fancy drinks receptions – the fact is that we can’t even have a debate about this until we know it’s happening. Which it is. To the tune of £300,000. And that’s just by the staff of Regional Development Agencies.

This sort of hospitality goes on all across the public sector and we don’t know the half of it. I put it to the bureaucrats: if you’ve nothing to fear than you should have nothing to hide. Why should anyone even have to make a freedom of information request for this information? It should be available for all to see in line-item budgets provided online by all public bodies.

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  1. John Page says:

    Yes – accountable transparency. If they can do it in parts of the States, why can’t they do it here? Well, we know that.

    As it is, you have to guess what to make an FoI request about.

    That money belongs to the people.

  2. Praguetory says:

    You’re in the Independent.

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