Taking the Mick

I’ve had my first feature profile in today’s Scotland on Sunday about my battle with Speaker of the House Michael Martin over MPs’ expenses:

2 Responses to “Taking the Mick”

  1. Carl Watkin says:

    Another snout in the trough and a protectionist for other greedy snouters!

    What does this silly man do anyway to earn such an extortionate salary with perks, I mean expenses?? Perhaps he should lead by example and declare his own expenses first, doubt it though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Helen Simmons says:

    How about their postage and stationery claims? Siobhain McDonagh claimed £35,207 during 2006-7 and at .34p per stamp she’s saying she wrote 1,991 letters per 7 day week. Others, at this end of the scale are Liam Byrne £28,170; Andrew Dismore £20,665; Margaret Hodge £26,689; Tom Levitt £23,700; Shadik Malik £21,266. As a comparison: Frank Field charged £1,325; Liam Fox £1,374; David Heathcote-Amery £80.

    How about eg: Bernard Jenkin and Lynne Jones charging £14,000 for “staff cover” on top of £77,000 and £98,000 for normal staff costs?

    and they say they could do better in the ‘outside world’!!!!

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