A small victory for openness

The Committee on Standards in Public Life has now decided to publish my statement in full after I complained vociferously against their timid lawyers’ claims that it was potentially defamatory.

I received an email while away on holiday the other week: “The Committee having weighed the risks decided to publish the submission.”

It is available to view at: http://public-standards.org.uk/Library/MP_Expenses_E681_Heather_Brooke.pdf [PDF]

Journalism.co.uk reports it will now try and find out what happened to the other 66 submissions.

2 Responses to “A small victory for openness”

  1. John L Bell says:

    Just read the statement on their website.
    Call me picky, Heather, but they have not reproduced the information in the clearest of format, have they!…… or our my old eyes getting foggy?

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