Expenses U-Turn

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has just told the House of Commons that plans to amend Freedom of Information laws to exempt MPs expenses will be abandoned. As readers of the blog will know, MPs were due to vote on this shameless bill tomorrow. Now it seems the issue is shelved.

The Times reports that Mr Brown made the announcement in response to a question from Douglas Carswell, the Tory MP, who asked why the Prime Minister had issued a three-line-whip to pass the bill. Then it became clear that the House of Lords (increasingly the saviour of what little democracy is left in Britain) were preparing to vote against the bill.

Victory yet again. Will these shameless MPs’ ever learn? Why don’t they just publish the receipts and be done with it. End of story. Some of the more unscrupulous heads may roll, but once they do we will have a better Parliament and all MPs can begin to rebuild their reputation with their constituents.

4 Responses to “Expenses U-Turn”

  1. Toby Stevens says:

    Congratulations Heather – that’s in no small part thanks to your unfailing efforts, keep it up!

  2. Linda says:

    But do we trust them, Harriet Harman sounds as if she is still working on a way not to make public these expenses. Is it just bravado or can she really be that stupid? They all need to get on with it and then we can all move on.

  3. Linda says:

    I was watching an interview that Andrew Neil did with I think it was Anne Cryer Labour MP. Anne Cryer said the public would not be interested in a small claim for around £18 she had just made for a face cloth and towel from John Lewis and was there any need to publish these small claims. Andrew Neil pointed out to her that maybe the public would think they should not be paying for her face cloth and towel. He also said British MP’s are very well paid in the European Union with only Italian MP’s getting more money. How out of touch can these MP’s get? Great work Heather, I expect this fight will go on and on and on!

  4. adrian carter says:

    I live in Anne Cryer’s constituency i.e. Keighley. This is a very poor part of the country and a typical ex-textile town with very high unemployment where most local employers pay about the minimum wage. I earn about £8,000 as a small self-employed property renovator and I am one of the lucky ones. I do not understand how somebody purporting to be a socialist and representing me can be so arrogant not to believe people are not interested in her ‘expenses’ – why the hell can’t she buy her own bloody towels or does she think only MPs wash! To most people in Keighley (and me) £18 is a lot of money and they don’t have such a sum to squander in such a fashion. Why the hell should the decent people I worked with pay tax on the minimum wage so that MPs can have their vast salaries further boosted by claiming what are NOT expenses.
    Anne – believe me people are interested in your “expenses” and you are playing into the hands of the BNP who are rapidly gaining support in the area.

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