Guardian cover-girl

I’m on the front cover of today’s G2.

Is this the apex of my campaign? My 15 minutes of fame might now be coming to a close if the Commons actually comes clean, gets rid of the corrupt and institutes a new transparency regime. That actually looks as though it might now happen.

I’m in such a generous mood I feel I ought to invite Speaker Michael Martin out to lunch just to say ‘thanks for making my career.’ I couldn’t have done this without him.


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  1. ralph says:

    Exceptional work, outstanding passion. It is good to see a stand for values and integrity made public. While the likes of Mr. Fry may deem it petty, it is precisely the petty nature of this cheating and the subsequent refuge in arrogance that makes it so deplorable. In fact the smaller the theft the more unnecessary and cynical. It only highlights its premeditated nature. Cheating is cheating, there are no two ways to it. What can one expect from individuals that not only can’t keep their hands out of the cookie jar, but seek to trivialize both their wrong doing and those who expose it. Democracy?

    Ralph, Melbourne, AUS.

  2. Kudos! And thank you.

    We’ve covered you in The Scandal and the Heroine –
    We quoted copiously from the Wall Street Journal, which has a good write-up.

    All the best.

  3. jerry cantwell says:

    great work Heather. i think your getting the respect you finally deserve.

  4. Yohannes says:

    You’re my hero!

    You should write a book about your five year odyssey even though the disc was finally leaked to the press. It wouldn’t have happened without you.

    I am surprised your patriotism wasn’t questioned to dissuade you from proceeding. Or wasn’t it? (I know you were born in the US but I couldn’t determine whether you were an American or British, not that it should matter, except to make sense of my question.)

    Do you think you would have been able to get this far if you were still working for the BBC? The reason I ask is because the BBC seems at times to shy away from hurting the reputation of the government on which it depends for its budget. I know the BBC is supposed to be independent but I sometimes wonder if their editors are immune to persuasion by fealty.

  5. Richard Vernon says:

    Brilliant stuff. Now please find out the expenses for the ‘royal’ family. I bet that’s FAR worse than anything the MP’s have done…..

  6. Bob Line says:

    Brilliant, diligent, persistent work. Your phrase “I wanted the detail. That’s where you find the truth.” has become my new faviorite quote – its true of so many other things in government policy too. Pity about the generality of journalists though.

  7. Ah widnae sup wi’ ye, ye scunner! Usin’ a’ yer freedom o’ infurmation stuff an’ a’ that, it jist isnae oan! Ye wee bisom!

    There’s only ane Heather ah’ve goat any time fir, and that’s Heather wi’ the Weather oan the BBC Scotland weather forecasts! So dinnae come roond ta ma hoose sniffin’ fir a date, cause ye winnae get one and Mary Doll micht lamp ye ane wi’ the fryin pan! Ye couldnae afford ma tastes onyway (deep fried foie gras an’ Mars Bars fir starters, wi’ a gold-plated munchy box an’ Irn Bru special reserve tae follow) an’ ah widnae waste mah own accoont on the likes o’ ye!

    Dinnae ye fash, noo. Gordon will get a’ the backbenchers tae vote fir me if they have ony vote. He disnae trust onyone else, he’s like that Hitler radge in thon Doonfall film or that nutter oot ae Trainspottin.

  8. Derek brandon says:

    I agree with Paul who said
    I came here via the Guardian article.
    As a 20 year old who is otherwise completely uninterested in politics, I have to say, your enthusiasm for this case is breathtakingly inspiriring.

    I have read all the comments and would like to add: please don’t let the handful of people who don’t believe you have done a great, important job, get you down. You’ll never please everyone. And regarding he chap who said people should be trying to solve wars, corrupt dictators etc., rather than petty expenses claims of MPs; yes those things are more important, but we need people to take on the slightly less important stuff too. Thank the gods for people like you.

  9. Trevor Lock says:

    Thank you Heather, I am amazed that it took a US citizen to get this information under the FOI Act. To see what the cheating British MPs are spending our Taxpayers money on.
    Once again thank you.

  10. EdP says:

    Another person forwarded from the Guardian article, and I just want to add my name to the chorus of thanks to you for your work over the years.

  11. Iain Clark says:

    You deserve a medal, in fact several, for turning over these stones and revealing the nasty things that have crawled out.

    Thanks very much indeed.

  12. mick andrews says:

    It would be nice if The Telegraph were to loudly acknowledge that their current success is based on all the hard work you have done for years, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Never mind. Next year when Joanna Lumley is Prime Minister I’m sure you will get the honourary damehood you so richly deserve.

  13. Linda says:

    Hi Heather,

    Great result so far but we still have to reform MP’s expenses & Pay, Police expenses & pay, Council expenses & pay Hospital Managers & Pay etc etc etc. Today Speaker Martin is in the process of going, that is one down and many more to go, on and on and on but if we all get behind you we can do it!!!!

  14. Linda says:

    Sorry what I forgot to say was the way I see it is the greed of our politicians has spread down into all aspects of public service. We are top heavy with Managers who are only in it for the next pay rise or bonus. It is so easy just to cut services but a really good Manager would try to keep the service going while looking for ways to cut out waste. Lincolnshire Hospital Trust is an excellent example, they always have money to employ another Manager but are slow in getting funding for a bowel screening campaign to save peoples lives. Intimidation and control from the top is often used to keep people lower down the chain from highlighting problems, just look at what went on at Stafford Hospital Heather you have campaigned for openness and honesty in the way money for our police service is used. Britain is in a big mess from the top down and we have to clean things up!

  15. Sean Patrick says:

    Heather’s passion and dedication to Freedom of Information, and her quest for greater transparency in English government, will do nothing but strengthen the British government. In addition, I believe it will hopefully restore the people’s now-shaken respect for the institution and the public servants entrusted with keeping it all running. I know for many British citizens, having experienced no other type of government, they cannot truly understand what it means to have a transparent and responsive government serving them. As an American, I cannot imagine living under any other form of government. However, after living in England for almost two years, I was shocked at the glaring disregard for the public and the sheer, vulgar disregard for the people by her public servants. Heather’s pioneering work can do nothing but make the U.K. a better, more equitable society for everyone! Brava, Heather, Brava!!

  16. Matt Wardman says:

    One and sixteenth-ed!

  17. Dan Harrison says:

    Now could you please come back to america and finish cleaning our den of snakes here?

    UW Engineer, Washington state, USA

  18. Beverly Walsh says:

    Having done such a wonderful job in exposing the fiasco of the MPs expenses, please continue with your investigative powers in making sure that all MPs who have broken the law are brought to justice. If I had committed fraud on the scale of the MPs I would have been arrested and charged – and quite rightly. Please reply as I would really like to know if you are still pursuing our arrogant MPs.

  19. Stuart & Patricia Marcus says:

    Heather We are so proud of you.
    Please continue your exceptionally good work
    Stuart & Patricia Marcus
    email: [email protected]

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