My critic in the news again

Readers of the blog may recall Alan Keen MP questioning my motives at a parliamentary inquiry held several weeks ago.

With his wife, Ann, the couple are known as ‘Mr and Mrs Expenses’ for using £175,000 of taxpayers’ money to help buy a flat near Parliament – while they already had a constituency home nine miles away. They claimed more than £300,000 between them last year alone.

Now it seems that flat in Brentford – the couple’s ‘main home’ – has been vacant for so long the council want to repossess it.

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  1. Geoff says:

    An analysis I have being doing on ‘Mr and Mrs Expenses’ council tax claims shows they have BOTH been claiming this allowance for their second home. Incidentially, they have both made 12 claims over the financial year, when council tax installments are 10 per year.

  2. John L Bell says:

    Saw this news online but seem to have missed any reference to it on the BBC!
    So checked some online newspapers and lo and behold!

    If this was part of a ‘Yes, Minister’ script everyone would have said it was so far fetched as to be ridiculous!

    What the inhabitants of this Fraudsters’ Parliament get up to beggars belief!

    Has anyone in any police force read Sections 2-4 of The Fraud Act 2006? If so, why does every police officer in the land seem to be sitting on their hands and playing the three wise monkeys —
    Speaking no evil! (towards MPs anyway!)
    Seeing no evil! (as far as MPs are concerned anyway!)
    Hearing no evil! (as far as MPs are concerned anyway!)

    Apparently a ‘joint Metropolitan Police Service and Crown Prosecution Service assessment panel’ is considering, thinking about planning, to review a closer look at, deciding on a longlist, which may produce a shortlist, with a possible future review of, looking more closely at the fraudulent(my word)claims of some (probably the little fish)MPs, possibly sometime (not necessarily) in the future!

    (Sounds like some form of ‘investigatory constipation’ doesn’t it?)

    I have asked for an email address or postal address with a named person responsible for this august body so that I, as a taxpaying citizen, can know more about the workings and decision making process of said ‘joint Metropolitan Police Service and Crown Prosecution Service assessment panel’!

    Why do I hear my sainted departed grandmother’s famous words ‘when Nelson gets his eye back!’?

  3. Nick says:

    Wow! This brings up issues far more profound than MPs’ expenses!

    So, the MPs’ home “has been vacant for so long” that the council has given the couple one month to explain how they intend to bring the property back into occupation. And how long has it been vacant? A mere seven months!

    Let’s bear in mind that the council could bring this action against *any* owners who left their property “unoccupied”!

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